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Dead Birds


Over the period of one year, it seemed like I could never get away from dead birds. They were everywhere.

On the ground, two wings lay flattened in the sun, black and two feet apart—no body between. The body had been smashed, rolled over by a pitiless tire and obliterated; but the wings were left behind to create a great space separating the disembodied extremities on the hot pavement.

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On My First Tragic Hero


When I was four, I fell in love with Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands. At that age, most little girls would have probably been scared of him. I thought he seemed like a really sad but overall good guy. Some time in January, I found myself faced with having to answer a student about my favorite movie. Edward Scissorhands came tumbling out, and a few months later, so did this.

Thanks to the crew at Christ and Pop Culture, I was motivated to work out exactly why it was so important to me.

Please check out the article, and other work on the site. The magazine version is even better—sans ads!

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