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Former school hidden under remodeled home

MARYVILLE, Mo. — From the outside, the building on the corner of Water and East Jenkins streets looks like a simple white house, but its bones tell another story.

Today, the residence is nearly unrecognizable as the school for black children of Nodaway County that first opened its doors more than 140 years ago.

Since then, ownership of the building has changed more than half a dozen times. Due to numerous renovations, the structure looks little like the square, white schoolhouse it used to be.

When Tiffany and Ben Scott bought the house four years ago, they considered remodeling it and living there.

“The house we’re in barely won,” Ben said.

The Scotts live in a house directly east of the property now, and they currently rent the old schoolhouse. As they were updating the old Douglass School, they found pieces of the past.

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Show Me

In my dreams, I live on the outskirts of towns like these.

When I wake up, I’m driving a fifteen-year-old sedan through a bigger small town situated in the remote corn fields of northwestern Missouri.


People where I grew up don’t really understand that something between the ghost towns of old movies and country songs and their micropolitan areas are 19th century buildings lining the two-lane highways cutting across large spaces of the middle United States. Continue reading “Show Me”

“Maybe I Could (Be Your Man)” The Walls



This song was written by The Walls and performed around Northeastern Ohio throughout 2007-2008. Band members included Rheese Detrow, Andrew Ditlevson, Daniel Ditlevson, and Dominic Vercillo. All the members contributed to writing songs. The latter three gentlemen switched roles playing lead, rhythm, and bass guitars and Detrow played drums. Upon Andrew’s relocation, the band permanently disbanded and each member has since started other projects.*

If you like this song, you should check out their MySpace (no, they haven’t upgraded).


*Present Ghost has been posting songs from several now-defunct bands, but it’s good to share where we came from, and we look forward to showing you where we’re headed as that happens. We hope you won’t be disappointed in our future (as we were very disappointed with “the future” as presented by Back to the Future II).

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