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Show Me

In my dreams, I live on the outskirts of towns like these.

When I wake up, I’m driving a fifteen-year-old sedan through a bigger small town situated in the remote corn fields of northwestern Missouri.


People where I grew up don’t really understand that something between the ghost towns of old movies and country songs and their micropolitan areas are 19th century buildings lining the two-lane highways cutting across large spaces of the middle United States. Continue reading “Show Me”

Two very different images

profile shot gorilla  Bring it

Down the road, there is this liquor store that always changes ownership. With its latest change in hands, this monstrous and ridiculous blow-up gorilla has been advertising for at least a month. Every time I pass, I can’t stop thinking about how strange it is and how it would never make me want to buy anything from that store.

Continue reading “Two very different images”

Moments, Monuments

Arles, Outside

The best things I saw on vacation, I never had the opportunity to catch with my camera. There was the Italian grocer in Marseilles who congratulated my husband and me when we figured out how to purchase our food. After struggling through a few interactions, he scanned our last item and counted our euro coins. Continue reading “Moments, Monuments”


PG will be convalescing, collecting more stories and images for you. We will resume the business of blog keeping upon my return.



Some people call themselves “animal lovers.” That sounds a bit too romantic for me. I’d say our relationships are pretty fraternal.


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