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The Appraisal


At Central Watch, a woman with silver hair waited. Her red pill box hat capped her bob and accompanied her wool camel coat well. She had been wearing this outfit, or something like it, for at least 50 years. It looked good, even when she had started to shrink and her voice had begun to lose its easy, youthful volume. She stayed warm on her way to Grand Central.
When the clerk had taken my cash and returned my watch, she spoke.

“Excuse me, sir.”

From her leather tote she pulled a watch so bedazzled that the diamonds caught the light and broke it across the room in a thousand glamorous fractures. Certainly, it was meant for more than a timepiece, but it was more luxurious than jewelry.

Holding it a full arm’s length in front of her, she started again, “Do you know anything about this watch?” Continue reading “The Appraisal”

Moments, Monuments

Arles, Outside

The best things I saw on vacation, I never had the opportunity to catch with my camera. There was the Italian grocer in Marseilles who congratulated my husband and me when we figured out how to purchase our food. After struggling through a few interactions, he scanned our last item and counted our euro coins. Continue reading “Moments, Monuments”

You Can Have Your Own

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When I took this, I was too afraid of being noticed, so I set my camera on the checkerboard rug where my husband and I had reached a stalemate and I snapped this picture. The father on the right in the pink shirt was trying to gather all his boys to the counter to order their ice cream. When I saw this family, I thought of my own, when it was an ordeal to go out and when it was a celebration to have your own—of anything. Moments like this made our vacations. Even the older brother not pictured here was so excited that he could hardly stand still.

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