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My dad had the worst breath, and even though it was bad, I still liked being close enough to smell it. The scent of stale, overcooked office coffee he drank, cup after cup, until his teeth were stained saturated his mouth. They were yellow on the outside, and grey from fillings inside. He hated his teeth, because although they were straight, they were small. He cared more about his appearance than you would have imagined. Once he stormed from the room when my mother told him he looked like “Baby Huey” after attempting to fix a new style into his hair with an expensive salon product. He didn’t swear at her; he looked in the mirror, took a small-toothed barber’s comb and left to return his basic and thinning crew to its normal position.

I never knew he had been attractive as a young and middle-aged man, so I didn’t know he could have been attractive as an older-middle aged man, or that his self-image could falter. Continue reading “Halitosis”

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Rolling Up: The Sleaves


Today we feature North Carolina outfit The Sleaves.

Several music blogs (including Indie Shuffle, Obscure Sound, and Clif: The Dadada) have reviewed the band, describing their style as “post-grunge” and their performance as “haunting and beautiful.”

We encourage readers to check them out and find their own words.

Lead singer Andrew Ditlevson tends to describe his work, be it visual or musical, as hypernostalgic—his own word aptly noting his tendency to draw from childhood and adolescence to make art.

For more information about the band, check out their Web site,

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