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Safety is my middle name

Neither of my parents ever approved of horror films, but we could watch movies that were funny and a bit campy yet never demonic or gory. That is how I saw quirky classics like Beetlejuice, The Goonies, Gremlins, Scrooged, and one of my favorites, The Burbs.

For those who haven’t watched it, The Burbs features Tom Hanks as an average American suburbanite named Ray Petersen who finds himself entangled with his neighbors’ plot to out the new family in the cul-de-sac, the ambiguously foreign Klopeks.

When I found out my husband had never seen it, we watched the film with friends. We laughed, but at the end, my friend Logan remarked that it could have made a statement about the dark nature of humankind, but instead reinforced stereotypes. Continue reading “Safety is my middle name”

It’s not them! It’s us!

Right now, I’m working on an essay about one of my favorite 80s movies, The Burbs.

Continue reading “It’s not them! It’s us!”


“Pulsar” is a song written, played, and recorded by Daniel Ditlevson some time in 2006. Nick Morr directed this video about 3 years ago and it was shown in Chicago in 2010.

Since then, Dan has continued to write music, and Nick continues to direct films.

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