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You Be Batman

 Image by Timothy Haglund

I’ve never known how to be a good girl. To be clearer: I’ve known how to be good, but never how to be good at being a girl. I learned this early in my childhood.  Continue reading “You Be Batman”

Dusty Salt

I am working on a multi-genre project regarding the expectations and limitations placed on the female sex. I would like to broaden my interaction with readers, so I am inviting you to contact PG with a comment/anecdote regarding how an experience, conversation, or belief about womanhood or femininity has shaped who you are and how you interact with others.

Responses should include the following:

    • Country of residence
    • Age
    • Sex

If you would not mind sharing your story through forthcoming PG articles, please include your first and last name for confirmation and permissions.

Male perspectives are welcome and encouraged.

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