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If you’re looking for lyrics, they’re not here, but there’s music in the sounds, and you probably wouldn’t guess how it got there. PG takes some time to interview Daniel Ditlevson and Ariana Robin, who collaborated on Already Always.

Both of you have favorites on this album. Can you explain to me why each stands out to you?

Ari: I think everything meshes together really well in “Space Cafe,” and it really transports me to, well, a cafe in space, like out of Star Wars or something. I close my eyes during the piece, and that’s just where I am, and I’m imagining all different kinds of aliens and weird space drinks, and it’s awesome! Few songs really transport me like that…a lot of it has to due with the melody of the saxophone, which is really compelling and alluring.

Daniel: I really love “Galactic Birds,” because the way it was created was super simple, but appears so otherworldly and beautiful. Plus, Ari made some great tape chirping/whirling sounds on this! Continue reading “Soundscaping already”

“Pumping” by The Sleaves

The Sleaves, who PG featured last fall, have released a new single from their forthcoming full-length album. Lead vocalist Andrew Ditlevson said that he’s pleased with the final mixing on this project, and that it’s turning into what he’s always wanted to hear in his work.

Check out some of their other tracks on their SoundCloud and get your copy on Spotify or iTunes.

PG usually publishes a new essay or story installment every weekend, but we’re collaborating with artists and pulling together something new. We’re aiming to be finished before Christmas. There will be gingerbread men (though not the kind you’re used to), giants, and cartoons—maybe even some politics. Who knows?


In the meantime, here’s a little stocking stuffer to keep everyone jolly.

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