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In gardens of improbable fruit


Forgotten tomatoes and carrots were gathered at the corners of the raised beds. I thought of taking some while my daughter played in the pond of a community garden in progress.

We came to exchange some books in the Little Free Library at the entrance. For an old cookbook and a self-help book that never helped, we got Wuthering Heights and “Curious George and the Pizza.” She didn’t want to sit on the bench and read with me. Shoveling dirt into the pond was more appealing. Someone had left a spade and a full bucket there, almost as if they knew she’d be coming.

I hadn’t read too many news stories yet, but I knew the neighborhood lore. A 10-year-old girl, maybe even on the ground over which I’d walked, had been raped and murdered two and half years before my daughter’s and my late morning visit.

If I’d remembered that before we skipped over the Little Free Library closest to our home, we might have gone somewhere else. Continue reading “In gardens of improbable fruit”

Two very different images

profile shot gorilla  Bring it

Down the road, there is this liquor store that always changes ownership. With its latest change in hands, this monstrous and ridiculous blow-up gorilla has been advertising for at least a month. Every time I pass, I can’t stop thinking about how strange it is and how it would never make me want to buy anything from that store.

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