Since some time late in 2008, Present Ghost has been a vision of brother-and-sister pair Daniel Ditlevson and Jennifer Ditlevson Haglund. It started over late night coffees, crackers and cheese in the kitchen, and conversations with other artist friends about the need for a place to to collaborate for the sake of creating good art, not for money or for fame. There was some talk about starting a commune or bed and breakfast for wayfarers to find encouragement, good food, and inspiration.

Without over-spiritualizing or digressing too much, it is enough to say that this seems like a worthy (albeit idealistic) mission. Too much art falls to ruin while people search for a way to be heard, understood and truly known.

For the time being, however, the talk of providing a physical place has come to a pause and we are attempting to make this possible online.

Here, Present Ghost begins its Internet life with the presentation of their art forms: prose, photography, various mixed media, and music. In the future, we would like to offer our site as a platform for others to discuss and share their own work as well as interact with ours.