profile shot gorilla  Bring it

Down the road, there is this liquor store that always changes ownership. With its latest change in hands, this monstrous and ridiculous blow-up gorilla has been advertising for at least a month. Every time I pass, I can’t stop thinking about how strange it is and how it would never make me want to buy anything from that store.

see through gown midtone

The little christening gown is a family heirloom that I hope to iron and repair for my daughter to wear at some point. For years, it’s been packed in a plastic box and wrapped in tissue paper. Today I washed it and hung it so I could watch the sun and wind bring it back to life.


Here we have the beautiful and the ridiculous , which I suppose are the two areas I like best. These two subjects don’t go together, but they are the two things I have wanted to photograph for the past three weeks.