People write about love in its beginning and ending stages. There’s passion, lust, flirtation, heartache, and longing. Yet there is an incredible dearth of songs written for people who actually work through relationships long enough to truly celebrate.

The Sleaves dare to write about the kind of love that survives without venturing anywhere near adult contemporary ballad territory. On the contrary, lead vocalist and lyricist Andrew Ditlevson balances just enough pop structure with beats heavily influenced by Nine Inch Nails. It sounds crazy, but I wouldn’t doubt an intentional disparity here. Relationships, and marriage in particular, shines light in the dirtiest of corners. The miracle of “Celebrate” is found in a commitment to seeking light to puncture the darkness together.

Ditlevson is currently working on a series of EPs regarding life phases, one rumored to be named Marriage. Keep up at Soundcloud.

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