Rourke, left, and Sprague pose in front of the corn because that is what Midwestern boys like this saw every day growing up. The city sets the glamorous backdrop of grime for rock pictures, but for the micropolitan and smalltown Americans, there is the dirt of back yards, old barns, churches and basement parties.

“Poison” — First track off the new album

“Closer to Clear” — Title track

After playing together for more than a decade, Linwood founding members David Rourke and Patrick Sprague have released Closer to Clear, an album they describe as a “journey of passion and heartache.”

Although this midwestern band began playing music in church, their range of sound seems to draw more influence from nineties and early 2000s bands like Jimmy Eat World and Get Up Kids than worship giants like Hillsong United. Rourke and Sprague have played onstage since 2006, performing professionally and in houses of worship all over the United States.

Closer to Clear, which was released April 15 this year, was produced by Andrew Goldring (Golden Sun, Great Interstate). More information about the band can be found on Bandcamp, Twitter, Facebook, and deeper cuts are available on Spotify.