This track, called “Voyager 1: Etchings of Yesterday” will appear on the forthcoming Seaside Holiday album Grand Tours. Below, PG takes a moment to ask the band’s founder and primary vocalist Cara McQuate a few questions about the single, writing music, and just a few grab-bag items for good measure.

1. How long has Seaside Holiday been a band?

We began working on what became the self-titled debut somewhere around 2008.

2. Who is in the band?
Sister/brother duo: Cara McQuate and Morgan McQuate. For our live performances, our hired guns are Connor Thompson on drums and Phil Neiswander on bass.

Morgan McQuate

3. What do you see as your goal/direction/influence in this upcoming album?
The new LP is more rooted in an electronic influence. It’s more ambient and ethereal, with a an overall darker sound. I’d liken it to Editors, Ladytron, and Wild Nothing, as far as influences.

4. Do you/could you tour? If so, where and when?
We certainly are open to it if the right opportunity came along. We do play out at this point , though have not done a solid block of touring.

Cara McQuate

5. Why did you start playing guitar?
I started to try to learn in the safe confines of my room beginning in high school. I was completely obsessed with The Smiths and other similar sounds and wanted a vehicle for my own “artful expression”… at least one that wasn’t the flute, which was the extent of my musical prowess at the time. Morgan followed shortly thereafter with bass. The family cat refused to learn drums, so we were a short-handed band.

6. What was the name of your first band and what kind of music influenced you?
I was in the typical ear-bleeding punk band in high school. The chronological sequence of names during my tenure is as follows: Yield 2 Pedestrians, Perfect Candidate, The Sevenfold. At that point in life, I was listening to a lot of Tori Amos, so clearly I would join a punk band…

7. What was the last BuzzFeed quiz you took? (And what was the outcome?)
I honestly think that it was something along the lines of “How well do you really know The Smiths,” and since I received an embarrassing 88% I couldn’t dare post that and ruin my cred.

8. Where is your favorite place to be when it rains?
Under a porch overhang, watching it roll in.

9. Who are your current muses?
Samuel T. Herring, Steven Patrick Morrissey, Tegan Quin, and Timothy Keller

10. What, other than making music, do you like to do with your free time?
I’m an uninteresting blend of hiking, reading, and the usual. I really enjoy historical ventures and studies and I actually have been a civil war artifact collector since age 12 or so.

For more on Seaside Holiday, check them out on Spotify and the following sites:

Fans of Belle & Sebastian, Starflyer 59, Blouse, Editors, Ladytron, New Order, and Stereolab should certainly check them out.