Daniel O’Brien released his debut EP performing as The Endless Atlantic today to put 2013 to bed and to give us all a taste of what’s to come in 2014.

Throughout the EP, O’Brien plays acoustic songs, and although they are without words, each song easily builds enough emotional atmosphere for listeners to fill in the blanks. Melodies bring to mind early Denison Witmer tracks like “Los Angeles” or “You Got me Good” as well as a few songs on Damien Jurado’s Where Shall You Take Me but aren’t so sad. The Denison Witmer comparison serves only as a starting point because The Endless Atlantic isn’t the emo from a decade ago or anything like the few guitar-playing prematurely adult contemporary acts that punctuate radio hits full of dubstep (and let’s not name names of either set).

The Endless Atlantic EP is perfect for writing, driving, cleaning, and reading, for conversation or quiet.

To find more music or order your own copy directly from O’Brien, go to his BandCamp site: http://theendlessatlantic.bandcamp.com/

In the near future, O’Brien and PG co-founder Daniel Ditlevson will be collaborating, so keep checking the site for a fusion of the soft and the strange.