On the eve of Christmas Eve, we would like to share a bit of cheer by wishing everyone a holly jolly holiday.

Anne and Andrew Ditlevson reworked this song as a continuation of their annual tradition of recording  a Christmas song or two and sending a CD to family as their Christmas card. They broadened their audience this year by uploading to SoundCloud and allowing anyone to enjoy their sonic cheer.

Do not be mistaken: this is not Burl Ives’ version, although that had something to do with it. Andrew said he was thinking more about Great White (Think “Once Bitten Twice Shy”) and Anne was going more for Social Distortion with this one. Their influences come together well. Oddly enough, you can hear them come through and yet still feel the Christmas in it.

By now, you’ve probably heard the same songs at least one or two times through this season, and you could use a new take. For free downloads of this and other Christmas songs by them, visit http://soundcloud.com/anne-and-andrew-ditlevson