I was lucky to grow up around musicians. When I was in sixth grade, my brother, as a senior in high school, shifted his focus from alto saxophone to guitar. By the time he was somewhere in the middle of earning his college degree, he started playing with The Peachbones.

Once upon a time, they were said to perform “alt country” and “cowpunk” alongside mid-90s acts like Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, and Wilco. In the second incarnation of the band that I had known—the one with my brother in it—they transformed. There were more distortion pedals and longer solos. For several years, I watched their shows in coffee bars, draft houses, and other random arts centers in Northeastern Ohio. In 2008, Andrew and his wife Anne were relocating to North Carolina, so they got together with every band they had been involved in for a big variety show of reunion acts.

To wax nostalgic for a moment, I must say that this very show holds significance for me as it marks the beginning of my family moving away from each other, both the immediate members and those more extended circles, like those I used to grab seats next to at what was formerly Seattle’s in Wooster, OH. Also, this was the show where I was reintroduced to a casual acquaintance who is now my husband.

I miss The Peachbones, so I’m happy to share this video that captures one of their most requested songs, and I am so glad to know someone out there caught it.

Please enjoy this bit of a throwback for the evening.

Although the band doesn’t play together any more, please peruse their library. Buy their music if you like it.